We fight for musicians.

CASH Music is a nonprofit organization and a new way of empowering artists and evolving past the mechanisms of industry that put musicians last. Artists are leaders and keepers of our culture. Art is our safest space. There are people creating new protections for government, civil society, and the press. Who will fight for artists outside of traditional business structures? We will.

We’ll fight because someone has to. Art is too important to the world around us, too influential on society to leave to industry alone. Music and art help us find a path to walk in the darkness. It unites us in ways that words and numbers alone cannot. Art is one of the first things suppressed by fascists. Supporting artists and shielding their art from governmental and corporate influence is a moral imperative.

Musicians are our partners, not our customers. Our tools will always be open and free to use with no mandatory fees. Whatever we publish serves as education not clickbait. As a nonprofit our responsibility is to serve artists instead of profits, and we can’t be purchased or acquired like so many startups.

We will continue to fight — and that “we” has to be bigger than ever, an inclusive community united by a common mission: sustainable careers for artists.

Who we are

Jesse von Doom

Executive Director, Strategy & Technology

Jesse is a designer, developer, artist advocate, and fellow with the Shuttleworth Foundation. He helped start CASH Music in 2007 and has been working with artists on the web for nearly two decades.

Maggie Vail

Executive Director, Outreach & Education

Maggie has over 20 years of experience within the music industry both as a musician and an independent label executive. She was integral at preeminent indie label Kill Rock Stars, rose to VP, leaving for CASH Music in 2011. She also currently runs Bikini Kill Records and plays bass in Hurry Up.

Christopher Leckie

Creative Director

Christopher has over 10 years experience as a designer & developer. He was previously Digital Creative Director at Beggars Group UK (4AD, Rough Trade, Matador, XL, Young Turks). He has worked on all aspects of digital marketing, creative strategy and execution for artists of all sizes and genres.

Tom Filepp


Tom is a developer and designer with twenty years of experience making blinking yellow text and hamsters dance on the internet. He's been using those tricks for almost as long in the music industry as a consultant, label owner, and musician.

Ashok Kondabolu

Watt A/V club president

Ashok Kondabolu, a.k.a. Dap, was born in Queens, New York in 1985. He is a former member of rap group Das Racist, writer, artist, and creator of the NYC-based arts collective/radio show Chillin Island. He plans to live on a communal farm when the world economy collapses.

Kathy Foster


Kathy has been an active musician for over twenty years, playing and touring with The Thermals, Hurry Up, & All Girl Summer Fun Band to name a few. She's only released music on labels that support full creative control. She wants you to be in control of your creative life, too.

Heather Ryan


Heather has traveled the globe as a tour manager, building connections and seeing the industry from almost every angle.

Daniel Bogan

He won't leave our Slack

Daniel accidentally started developing on the web in the murky mid-'90s, and unfortunately won't leave it alone. He runs a little nerdy interview website called The Setup, and needs a lot more sleep.

How we're doing it

Our Tools

CASH Music tools give musicians no-commission stores, email for download widgets, better tour listings, and more — all free, open, customizable, and available to anyone. You can see our work in action with bands like Bikini Kill and Run The Jewels, or just try it out for yourself.


Watt, our publication aimed at telling the stories no one else is telling, is an educational resource like none other. We’ve made a space where artists and experts can tell their stories in their own voices and share knowledge and insights.

Revolving Fund

The CASH Music Revolving Fund is a work in progress, imagining a new way forward for funding. Sometimes all an artist needs to unlock earnings from their work is some up-front money to pay for merch, production, etc. The Revolving Fund is a pay-it-forward no-interest lending program designed to to help artists as entrepreneurs.

Board of Directors

Advisory Board

  • Jerri Chou

    Co-founder of All Day Buffet, The Feast, TBD, and Lovely Day.

  • Jonathan Coulton

    Musician, singer-songwriter & internet superstar.

  • Pascal Finette

    Director, Office of the Chair at Mozilla. Entrepreneur. Runner.

  • Jake Friedman

    Co-founder of Lovepump United Records and partner at We Are Free Management.

  • Zoë Keating


  • Danyel Smith

    Co-founder HRDCVR, founder of The Smithian.

  • Tony Schiller

    Leader in the strategic marketing industry.

  • Ben Swanson

    Co-founder of Secretly Canadian and partner at Dead Oceans, Jagjaguwar, and Fort William Artist Management.

  • Amaechi Uzoigwe

    Manager, El-P and Run The Jewels, head of digital & branded at GRAiNEY Pictures.

  • Tobi Vail

    Musician with Bikini Kill, The Frumpies, The Old Haunts, and Spider and the Webs, zinester and feminist critic.

  • Andrew Weissman

    Partner at Union Square Ventures.

  • Emily White

    Artist and athlete manager. Founder of Whitesmith Entertainment.

CASH Music is a nonprofit organization focused on educating & empowering artists & their fans to foster a viable & sustainable future for music. We believe the best way to ensure a sustainable future for music is to invest in its creators.


CASH Music a nonprofit organization registered in the state of Oregon. Being a nonprofit means we have no investors or ownership, so our funding comes from other areas.

Our total 2015 operational budget is $310K USD. Our biggest funder is The Shuttleworth Foundation. Their support comes as part of a fellowship The Shuttleworth Foundation awarded Executive Director Jesse von Doom. We also received income from events and merch sales, public donations, and sponsorship support from MailChimp. Our server costs are donated in-kind by Rackspace and all CDN costs are donated in-kind by Stack Path. We wouldn’t exist without the help of these organizations and many others, so if you have a minute maybe join us in telling them thank you.